Monday, March 30, 2015

Wire Management & Pig tails

Wall warts and power strips do not mix!

The problem is power strips can be oriented horizontally or vertically, while wall warts & power cords can be oriented horizontally, vertically or on a 45 degree angle.
There have been some attempts to fix that with rotating and pivoting outlets on the power strips.

Sunday afternoon, I came home to check my mail box for the Amazon prime delivery of pig tails.

It only took three of the fifteen to eliminate the second power strip!

This is a small step in my larger project to add a UPS & neaten up my home network wiring. More to come!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Updating The 2009 LifeHacker QuadCore Hackintosh to Yosemite

Hi Folks, being house poor, I can not afford to upgrade my desktop hardware. :(

I am still rocking the 2009 GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P freshened up with a USB 3.0 card

I have a prior post on how to upgrade to Mavericks from Snow Leopard.

Do the prep work outlined here by

I am short on some of the boot parameters to get it running & I apologize.

You definitely need:
GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=1

I have added a ORICO PVU3-5O2U USB3.0 card to my computer, paid $29 at the time

Post install, I was left with no audio & no working USB 3.0 here is the fix:

  • Get the kext Utility from
  • Delete the USB 3.0 kext you may have installed with Multibeast ( post )
  • Install the kext from the above post, but I did it with the kext utility
  • Download & install the two audio Kexts from and install with the kext utility

This will get your Yosemite hackintosh with a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard running USB 3.0 & Audio

When you build a hackintosh, you do not get the Apple office suite & iMovie for free, you have to pay for them.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kudos to SouthWest Airlines!

SouthWest was excellent to me!

I was in Florida for the Independence day weekend with my Wife & Daughter, due to return on Sunday.

I was at my Dad's bedside Sun - Tues, he was in good condition & going to Physical Therapy.

Friday, while I was in Florida, he had three seizures. At one point it looked like he had a stroke.

Southwest changed my flight, from Sunday evening, to Saturday morning for no charge when I explained it was a medical emergency.

I want to thank SouthWest for being excellent to their customers! I wanted to let everyone know about their excellent service!

I want to thank all my friends for their prayers & well wishes through this difficult time.

My Dad is making an excellent recovery! Hershey Medical Center is taking great care of him!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Linux Admin- Chicago, IL

Ref# : 13-01721

Greetings from Adroit!
I came across your resume and thought you would be interested in a position with our client.
If you are currently looking for new opportunities, or would like to be considered for future positions, please respond to this email with your updated resume.
The position is for Linux Admin at chicago, IL.
The Job Description is below:
            I have multiple opening for Linux admin for Chicago, IL location.
JOB Description:
- candidate should be very-very strong in Linux Administraion.
- Good experience with Linux, Aix.

Note: We need H1B Copy if candidate is H1B, EAD Copy if Candidate is EAD, GC copy if Candidate is GC and Any Copy of Age Proof if Candidate is Citizen. Without this information we may not proceed, So guys who are not interested in sharing Necessary docs, Please ignore this email.
Dharam S
adroIT Software & Consulting Inc.
24 Emerson Plaza West
Emerson, NJ 07630
(201) 977-2239

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Extending WiFi Part Two

Here is what my USB used to look like.

We had heavy rain on Friday from a tropical storm

I was afraid the water was inside the bag, along with the ear wig

I lucked out, the moisture was only on the outside of the bag.

Here is the antenna & 32 foot USB cable end

I am going to put it into this Gladware conatainer

So lets put a flap door in the side of the container

Lets mark the width

Lets mark the depth

Now cut on 3 sides of the box drawn

Put it all together

* Tape the inside and outside of the cuts, electrical tape for the real professionals out there, you could also use silicone cauking.

Place it in the tree with bunji

Check the signal

Check the speed

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Extending WiFi

Having a WiFi Router in one building & needing WiFi in another building, what solutions are available?

This and other devices with built in antennas were working, but slow. :(

I tried adding the Yagi to the USB WiFi adapter with no success. :(

Do I need a new WiFi adapter to work with the Yagi?

What about a DD-WRT repeater?

Will a 32 foot USB extension cable work?

Well yes, the 32 foot USB cable and the WiFi adapter, wrapped in a ZipLoc bag stuck on a tree is a winner!

I have not tried the DD-WRT with the Yagi, because of different sized connectors. :(

The DD-WRT boosts the signal, but it does nto have the speed of the adapter on a 32 foot cable close to the house.

I had a small hurdle getting the DD-WRT working as a repeater. I'll add that information after I get the screen shots done.