Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Purchase Rooting & Tether of Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

The reluctant Black Friday Shopper

It was Black Friday in Palm Beach, we slept late, it was almost 11:00 am before we left the house. We ended up at Costco.

The full and accurate description of the shopping event is a lot more laborious than I want to detail. The short of it is after leaving the store & wireless kiosk several times on Friday & returning on Saturday with a rain check, my wife, daughter and I all have Samsung Galaxy S3 phones! :)

The first phone was a gift for Christmas/Chanukah for my daughter. My wife, the non-techy-technophile wanted one & Friday after Costco closed, I had miss-the-deal remorse & wanted one too.

So, SkylarRose's phone was easy, add an smart phone to the plan, she shares our minutes, but not our unlimited data plan & of coarse she needs 1k sms/month. She is stuck with 2GB/month data.

So, try explaining what data is over the air vs SMS & voice to a ten year old! It all seems so simple to me, since I am older than dirt in Internet experience.

We returned later to get Teri a phone, since we are grandfathered into unlimited data, a phone deal would break that contract. We would have to pay ~$700/phone. :( The savvy kiosk manager added two dumb phone lines to our account for an extra $10/month for the next two years & everyone in the family got a $29.99 Galaxy S3

Daughter needs Data!

Being a hacker geek & it not being daylight yet... YES YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

All I have to say is I hate/love the Internet. Opinions are like bathrooms, everyone has one. (Well you know the real saying)

I started searching & you-tubing for how to root the Galaxy S3, nothing FN worked!!! I can change a cylinder on a Lycoming O-320 quicker that I rooted the first phone!

So, if you have a MAC, and want to root with no BFD, here is what you need!

The rooting video did not get the instructions exact for the contents of the file. The short is:

  • Turn on USB Debugging
  • Allow apps from unknown sources
  • From a command line & within the same directory type:


To properly finish rooting a phone, you need to install ClockworkMod, get the pro version! It makes life simple!

Also, add Titanium Backup.

I am sure there is more good stuff you can do as a root user!

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