Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spammed by LinkedIn? We fix that NOW!

I am currently between contracts, so I worked on my LinkedIn Profile

It imported all my gmail contacts, good right? NFW!!!

No I am getting mad spam!

This is ruining my signal to noise ratio on my e-mail!

The answer I was hoping to opt out at the bottom of the e-mail. NO! :(

Opt out from their settings? Maybe not either!

I tried this: Here's How To Get Rid Of All Those Annoying Emails LinkedIn Sends You

I want some e-mails, but not to opt out of all of them, so lets DIY!

In the top right of your gmail page... settings

Select Filters

Create New

Add this search criteria: from:( See what has been up to

Select actions like move to trash

Click continue and you are done!

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